Petition to stop the Church of England Discriminating against Gay Clergy

I’m happy to announce that the petition to stop the Church of England discriminating against gay clergy with partners has now gone public. I would be most grateful if you could consider signing this if you live in the UK, thank you.

You can find the petition here:

Many thanks

Anne Brooke


Petition Against Gay Clergy Discrimination: Update 1

A brief update on the petition against discriminating against gay clergy in the Church of England – enough people have now signed it so the Government are checking it before it goes public, thank you. Here is the link for further details at this stage:

Many thanks indeed.

Anne Brooke

Message to the Church of England: Stop Bullying Gay Clergy!

Well, I’ve finally gone and put my ‘money’ where my mouth is and made a petition – will you sign it?
My petition: Make it illegal for the C of E to discriminate against gay non-celibate clergy
The Anglican Church insists that gay clergy with partners live a celibate life if they wish to continue working as priests or bishops. This is an unfair burden on gay clergy as well as being discriminatory within the 21st century workplace.
I was moved to make this petition as a result of today’s news that the Bishop of Grantham has said publicly that he is gay – which is great news indeed. However, in order to continue being a bishop, he has to tell the Church of England authorities that he is also celibate, even though he has been with his partner for a very long time. He may or may not be celibate, but frankly I don’t care and it doesn’t matter. This is grossly unfair, and nobody should be made to divulge any of their sexual practices in order to continue in their job.
After all, I don’t attend a job interview and expect to be asked about my sex life. If I was, I would immediately walk out of the interview and report the company to the relevant authorities. Why should having a job in the Church of England be treated any differently?
Yes, it’s a vocation, but in the eyes of God, all our jobs are vocations, so we should either all be asked about our sex lives to see if we’re suitable for any job, or none of us should be!
This is the 21st century, and we should protest against such arcane practices. It is not a crime, nor a sin, to be gay, in love and in a relationship. The sooner the Church of England understand this, the better.
Thank you.
Anne Brooke

Blog 15: Poor Rosie and homophobia writ large

Oh well. Comic short story Rosie by Name wasn’t popular as a free download at Amazon over the weekend and I only managed to shift 19 copies. Still, it’s better than nothing, hey ho.

I also woke up to an email today from some stranger asking how I could live with myself writing both Biblical and gay erotic fiction as the two things were obviously mutually exclusive. Deep sigh. Honestly, this kind of nonsensical prejudice makes me feel very tired and, besides, why are complete strangers just so rude? Do they actually expect an answer from someone they’ve never met when their initial contact is just so judgemental? Really, sir, just take that broom out of your arse and get over yourself is what I say … I deleted the email, thinking it’s no good throwing pearls to swine and if someone doesn’t get that homosexuality is a gift from God and not a sin by now, then they’re never going to.

In the meantime, there’s no news on any of the submission fronts, but then again as these days news equal rejection, this is probably a good thing. It’s now been 7 weeks since I resubmitted the revised version of gay fantasy The Taming of The Hawk to the publishers who asked to see it again, and honestly I’m getting hugely irritated with the whole farcical rollercoaster of it all. They promised me a quick response (ho ho, as if, eh …), so I am distinctly unimpressed with that. Harrumph indeed. Give me another couple of weeks and I shall lose patience entirely and take my custom (such as it is) elsewhere, as it were.

Writerly confidence rating: 2

Blog Three: social media hell

Despite feeling rather low about the writing life (then again, these days, when do I ever actually feel happy about it?…), I managed another 1000 words to The Old Bags’ Sex Club this morning. The four friends are still in the bar, and the discussion about the sex club hasn’t yet begun but, I promise you, I’m leading up to it. Call it literary foreplay if you like, hey ho.

Gay-themed fantasy The Executioner’s Cane (Gathandria *3) is free at Amazon this weekend, and so far six kind people have downloaded it. Sometimes on a give-away at Amazon, I do get into double figures, so fingers crossed.

On the other hand, The Prayer Seeker is always free (and much hated by US evangelical Christians for daring to have a bisexual Christian hero who doesn’t believe being gay is anti-Christian …) and so far this month, it’s been downloaded 37 times. Which in my calculations means another 3 poor reviews and maybe 1 good one. Do you think it’s just a book they love to hate?…

Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter continue to be hugely depressing in terms of the amount of good news from writers on there – I’m sure a minute doesn’t go by without someone getting a super-hot publishing deal or being the next international bestseller. It’s all very wearisome. Honestly, social media should come with a warning: this website could seriously damage your emotional health. Sometimes one just has to switch off to try to maintain any self-esteem whatsoever.