Blog 79: Gay Menage Half-Price Sale – The Delaneys Series!

Until 19 December, ALL my best-selling gay menage Delaneys series is HALF-PRICE direct from Amber Quill Press!

The Delaneys and Me

When Liam makes a scene in the middle of a restaurant after his boyfriend, Brandon, dumps him, he knows Brandon’s cousins, the Delaney twins, will be after him. The Delaneys head up the local gangster scene and are not to be messed with. Liam knows their retribution is imminent, especially since, in the heat of the moment, he threatened to take what he knows (and, really, he doesn’t know much) to the police.
It’s a recipe for disaster.
But when the Delaneys confront Liam, they give him a choice between being shot or having sex with both of them, and Liam senses that his evening might turn out to be rather more interesting than originally expected…

Entertaining the Delaneys

Since his initial encounter with the Delaney twins, Liam’s thoughts have turned back to them time and time again, and he can’t help hoping for another meeting. His chance happens one night when Mark Delaney rings and tells him to get into the car waiting outside. Liam does so at once, eager to see the twins again.
Once at the Delaney estate, Liam is at first overawed by the grandeur and style of his surroundings, the lush gardens replete with nude statues and the opulence of the residence itself, but seeing Mark, together with Johnny, focuses his mind on the entertainment to come. And it looks as if entertainment is certainly what’s in store. A business associate of the Delaneys, Mr. Buchanan, has agreed a deal with the twins, and part of that deal is Liam himself!
How will the evening end, and will Liam be able to handle the salacious challenges thrown at him this time?

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The Art of the Delaneys

Liam is determined to prove to the Delaney twins that he’s more than just a good bed-partner for them. His chance to show them what he’s worth comes unexpectedly soon when his boss at the art gallery, Melissa, is asked by the Delaneys to take part in an art scam, and Liam agrees to help her.
When the Delaneys turn up with their henchmen on the night of the scam, Melissa and Liam are startled to discover that it will involve a painting by one of their best artists. Can Liam make sure the gallery doesn’t get too seriously involved and keep the Delaneys satisfied, in the only way he knows how, at the same time?

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Dating the Delaneys

Liam and the sexy Delaney twins embark on their dating experiment with gusto. Their first encounter at the local cinema proves explosive, but Liam still wants more from them than just hot sex. Luckily so, it appears, do the Delaneys.
With this in mind, the twins whisk him away one weekend for a late-summer picnic in the countryside. Once there, Liam is delighted to see the lengths the Delaneys have gone to in order to provide a romantic dating experience. As their date comes to a climax, however, the twins have a startling proposal.
Is Liam really ready for what they have in mind?

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The Delaneys at Home

Liam is ready for a whole new life with the dangerous Delaney twins, and dives into it with great enthusiasm. But when the men reveal their little secret to Liam, that they know he’s not been entirely honest with them about his previous art career, the scene is set for a rather different experience of punishment. Can Liam rise to the occasion this time around?
More than that, Liam’s boss at the gallery appears to be in cahoots with the Delaneys about the talents Liam’s convinced he simply doesn’t have. Will he find the twins’ commitment to his profession rather more than even he can handle?

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The Delaneys, My Parents and Me

The final book in the popular series…
When the Delaneys accompany Liam for dinner at his parents’ home, Liam thinks his biggest problem is how to stop them discussing his abandoned art career. It’s not long, however, before he’s caught between his mother’s recent knowledge of his sexual shenanigans, his father’s artistic pride and the constant romantic demands of his beloved twins.
Will his attempts to juggle family and love only add fuel to the flames? And does Liam have any chance of surviving the evening unscathed at all?

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Don’t forget the sale only lasts until 19 December, so don’t miss out. Happy reading!

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Blog 29: FREE book: gay fantasy The Executioner’s Cane

Gay-themed fantasy novel The Executioner’s Cane is FREE at Amazon UK and Amazon US this weekend only.

Simon Hartstongue, accompanied by the mind-cane and the snow-raven, must travel back to the land he came from to offer support to the people he once tried to kill. From Gathandria, Annyeke Hallsfoot endeavours to help him but her attentions are focused on rebuilding the city after the wars.

Alone and faced with the anger of his people and hindered by the fragility of Ralph Tregannon’s leadership, Simon has to find a way to bring healing to a dying country and to renew his relationship with Ralph. But the odds and time itself are stacked against him.


Here’s someone who actually liked it:

This series was nothing as I expected. I was drawn deeper with each chapter til I couldn’t wait to pick up the book at every spare moment. It was beautifully written and I hope there will be more. Thank you Ms Brooke. (5 star review at Amazon)

Alternatively, you might absolutely hate it like this person:

Could not finish the book…and I hate that. It made me create a “Boring Books” collection on my Kindle. The whole trilogy went in! (2 star review at Amazon)

The choice is yours, eh! And really I feel quite proud to be in someone’s collection at all …

At the same time, it’s Day Four of the special half-price sale of ALL my Amber Quill Press books so hurry along for your weekend treat! You can choose from a range of my gay fiction, including thrillers, romance, paranormal and comedy, so there’s something for everyone there.

Happy reading. Try not to get too bored, tee hee …

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Blog 11: Giveaway competition: gay erotic romance


There are 3 copies of gay erotic romance, Entertaining the Delaneys, on offer in my latest Booklikes competition:

Since his initial encounter with the Delaney twins, Liam has found his thoughts turning back to them time and time again, and he can’t help hoping for another meeting. His chance happens one night when Mark Delaney rings, needing an evening’s entertainment.

At the Delaney residence, Liam discovers that a business associate of the twins has agreed a deal with them, and part of that deal is Liam himself. How will the evening end and will Liam be able to handle the challenges thrown at him this time?


“This is a well written humorous small morsel of a story with convincing characters and scorching sex … Anne Brooke has created an extremely arousing as well as especially enjoyable snippet. I adore the main characters and wish for a much longer version of them together.” [From a 5 star review at Literary Nymphs Reviews]

“What I’ve enjoyed most about both books in this series has been the cheeky humour of the first person narrator, Liam. He seems to have a knack of getting himself into awkward situations, whether it’s accidentally attacking the limo driver or being unable to stop opening his mouth and saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. He’s a likeable chap and I found myself cheering him on all the way … I also enjoyed the fact that Liam is less frightened of the brothers in this book, and more comfortable with perhaps pushing their relationship and going after what he wants. It led to some tense drama amongst the light-hearted narration, but also added a great deal to the story in terms of the connection between the three men.” [From a review at Brief Encounters Reviews]

“This short story is pure erotic fantasy escape but what sets it apart from other similar stories is the overall writing, and in particular the writing of Liam …Entertaining The Delaneys by Anne Brooke offers up another well written, witty and angst-free erotic romp, with a pinch of relatively light BDSM for spice, and is a good reading escape in particular if pressed for time.” [From a review at Three Dollar Bill Reviews]

So, head on over to Booklikes and good luck in the competition!