The Sword of Jubokko by James L. Craigh [Review]

Flavia the Bibliophile

theswordofjubokko400Title: The Sword of Jubokko
Author: James L. Craig
Type: Fiction
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Date published: November 23, 2016
Format: E-book
Word Count: 13,000 (novelette)
Source: Publisher

A digital copy of the book was kindly provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: After a raid goes awry and his father’s life proves to be the price of failure, petty thief Katsumi wants only to start over and live an honest life. But he finds himself in the village of Aratana, a beautiful village haunted by a monstrous past.

Forced right back to the thieving he wants desperately to leave behind, Katsumi crosses paths with Kaito, a monk determined to exact revenge on the demon who killed his sister…

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