The Middle of Nowhere by Geraldine McCaughren

South Dublin Reads

middle of nowhere.jpg

Set at the end of the 19th century in the Australian outback, Comity lives with her mother and father in a telegraph relay station. Her father’s job is to transmit telegraph messages via Morse Code. They get deliveries by camel, her best friend is an aborigine boy called Fred and all is well until her Mother, Mary, dies after being bitten by a tiger snake. He father retreats into his own world and Comity is left to her own devices. When Quartz Hogg, an assistant for her father from the telegraph company arrives things take a turn for the worse.

This is a really great historical account of the time set against the fantastic back drop of the Australian dessert. The story itself starts off quite slowly but is made up for by the attention to detail, description of the Australian landscape and dialogue sprinkled with words from an…

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