Wonderings When Writing: Working Title vs Final Title

Kristen Twardowski


Titles are tricksy things.

Since beginning my current Novel Experiment, I’ve used the same working title. Unfortunately I have a sneaking suspicion that I shouldn’t use that title as the final appellation of the book. This leaves me in an uncomfortable place. I’ve casually polled my readers and editors, and they have a mixed reaction to the working title. Some react very positively to it, and others hope that I’ll come up with something else.

So I’ve started brainstorming. I currently have a list of 30+ potential titles for this darn book, and I don’t like one of them. Normally in situations like this, I simply find the book’s name from somewhere in the text. There is typically a theme, or an idea, or a pithy phrase that I can use somewhere in the words, but I am having trouble finding one this time. (It doesn’t help that I…

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