Standards for Staffing a Bookstore

Kristen Twardowski


Who should work in bookstores? Are the jobs intended for college kids, book lovers, or anyone who has the time and desire to have them? Our discussion yesterday about the future of different types of bookstores reminded me that some booksellers have very stringent standards regarding who can staff their shop. The Strand Bookstore in New York is one such place.

The Strand was established back in 1927 when a section of Fourth Avenue was called “Book Row”. At that time, Book Row consisted of 48 different bookstores that nearly filled 6 city blocks. The Strand quickly became a well loved institution in the area, and today it houses over 2.5 million new, used, and rare books for sale that cover 18 miles of shelf space. Unlike many bookstores, The Strand is committed to having employees who “are not only knowledgeable about books but…[are] also passionate about them.”

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