Writing Week in Review: 10/8-10/14

Kristen Twardowski


All writers have language patterns that they fall into, and this week I discovered a few of mine. The knowledge crept up to me. At first it was almost funny.

“Self,” I said, “why on Earth did you use that phrase again?”

But then that same phrase appeared again, and again, and again until I swore that I would strike it from my vocabulary. Then I noticed an adjective that popped up a little to often. Then a particular character description that I really only needed to use once if I used it at all.

Though I didn’t plan for it to be this way, I ended up spending most of this week eliminating that repetitive language and those descriptive ticks. (I may also have cheated on my main manuscript by adding a little to my secondary one. Don’t tell.)

I always forget that there are words, phrases, ideas that I repeat…

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