Agent Zigzag by Ben McIntyre

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agent zigzag

Agent Zigzag tells the story of Eddie Chapman… a career criminal who became one of Britain’s sensational double agents during the World War 2.

Handsome and daring, courageous and unpredictable, Agent Zigzag was both a villain and a man of conscience. He was a conman & philanderer….. The problem for his spymasters was trying to discover if he was trustworthy and who he was loyal to!

Chapman flourished in the crazy world of espionage. He disregarded danger- and was cool under pressure. A born liar, he could withstand hours of interrogation without breaking a sweat. He became fluent in French and German, improved his already considerable skills as an explosives expert, trained in how to write with invisible ink and quickly mastered the art of extracting large sums of cash from his German and British handlers.

In the course of his career as a spy, Chapman would move back and…

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