Most Requested #3 – October 2016

South Dublin Reads

An occasional (seemingly now monthly!) series of blog posts where I discuss the most requested books in Irish Libraries. Our library managment system now caters for 17 authorities and these are the most requested books across that system.

unravelling oliver.PNG

Since its publication in 2014, this Irish novelist’s debut has been almost constantly on reserve! The thriller has been dubbed ‘a swift and mesmerising read by an exciting new Irish voice’ (The Irish Times) and ‘a startlingly good debut’ (The Irish Examiner) and has proven pernially popular, currently having 206 holds, leaving many eagerly awaiting the follow-up (which appears elsewhere on this list….)

Another debut novel, this time from this year, that’s made quite the splash. The Irish Times succinctly described it as a ‘provocative coming-of-age tale inspired by the Manson murders deserves all the hype’ whilst The Guardian only agrees to an extent, saying that…

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