Writing Week in Review: 9/10-9/16

Kristen Twardowski


I consider it a minor miracle that I made my word count goal this week. Fall is the busiest season for me at work, and as a result, my brain has less energy to perform tasks like personal writing. I managed to get my 5000 words in but only barely.

New Word Count Goal: 5000

Starting Word Count:52627

Ending Word Count: 57650

Total New Word Count: 5023

Percent Goal Achieved: 100%

Regardless of my slight mental exhaustion, it is rewarding to see my word count increase every week. Since 50,000 words is the lower limit for a novel, I can safely use that word to describe my project now. Admittedly it still feels odd to use the term. Novel sounds very serious, very literary. The phrase ‘my project’ rolls off of the tongue much more comfortably.

So happy 5000 words to you, my little book-novel-project. With any luck, you’ll receive…

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