Words, Numbers, and Fun Facts about Famous Literature.

Kristen Twardowski

Did you know that of the 14 kisses found in Jane Austen’s novels, only 3 involve lip contact between a man and a woman, and 1 involves a man kissing a severed lock of hair? I certainly didn’t.

This week’s post about Alan Moore’s Jerusalem made me curious about the quirks and oddities of renowned literature. Though plenty of studies and well researched theses could tell me all about  various words and kisses in novels, I found myself attracted to the ‘Famous Literature: Words by Numbers’ infograph created by Cartridge Discount. The below image is in no way an all-encompassing analysis of world literature, but it provides a fun look a several popular titles, and I couldn’t help but share it.

Feel free to share any of your own trivia about novels as well! I find this stuff fascinating.

Book Infograph.jpg

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