Most Requested #2 – September 2016

South Dublin Reads

An occasional series of blog posts where I discuss the most requested books in Irish Libraries. Our new library managment system now caters for 17 authorities and these are the most requested books across that system.

This month, I’ll be discussing the Top 5 Most Requested Books at the moment

this must be the place.jpg
Coming in at number 5, with 125 holds, is Maggie O’Farrell’s most recent novel, This Must Be The Place. It’s been getting fantastic reviews with The Guardian (“audacious”) and The Irish Times (“In this tender, thoughtful novel, the lyrical writing is full of grace but never feels forced or affected. O’Farrell also has a gift for creating whole characters in just a few pages”).

i am pilgrim.jpg
Beating out number five by just three holds, Terry Hayes’ I am Pilgrim with 128 holds. This thriller has been perennially popular since its publication in 2013 –…

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