The Audacity of Judging a Book by Its Cover: 4 Highlights from Recent Publications

Kristen Twardowski

People say that old maxim ‘never judge a book by its cover’ frequently, but of course everyone does judge book covers. Both in ebooks and in physical copies, the cover is one of the first things a reader sees. Readers use the cover to make instant assessments about a book: is this a genre I enjoy; does it look well-written; have I seen this cover on other ebooks; does this remind me of another book I love?

So today I am celebrating several covers that have accomplished their respective goals well. For the most part these are newer rather than iconic covers, so you won’t find The Great Gatsby with it luminous eyes here. These are also covers that I, personally, find compelling, which means not all art styles are equally represented. If you are interested in exploring covers outside of my collection, I suggest you check out The Book…

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