Patience by Daniel Clowes

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Even by Clowes’ own estimation, he thought he’d spend maybe two years working on this book, and not the five it eventually took him (I’m, of course, avoiding the obvious joke given the title).

Patience is the story of Jack and his wife Patience, and what happens when he comes home one day to find Patience dead and later gets his hands on a time machine. Sounds kitsch, but it isn’t. It’s a beautiful book, full of heartbreak and longing, full of reliving one’s past, putting oneself at risk for someone else. I’ve read everything Clowes has every put out and more than anything this book seems to be a distillation of his entire oeuvre – part Ghost World, part Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron, part David Boring, part The Death Ray, it’s parts of them all really, but so much more than the sum…

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