Our Endless, Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

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our endless

Our Endless Numbered Days starts with Peggy, a 17 year old who has recently returned to her family after many years and having obviously suffered some traumatic experience.  The book then flashes back 9 years where we meet 8 year old Peggy, her German pianist mother, Ute, and her survivalist father, James.  One evening while Ute is away on tour, James and Peggy take off.   Their destination is Die Hütte, the exact location of which is something of a mystery.  As we’re relying on Peggy to tell us what’s happening and as she has only a vague idea what’s happening herself, details are a bit hazy.  The world has been destroyed, James tells Peggy, your mother and everyone else is dead, we are the only people left.  And so, their tale of survival begins.

First the positive, I really did want to find out what exactly had happened to Peggy…

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