Dear Torrenter; Thank you for your e-mail. Love, ‘Nathan.

'Nathan Burgoine

Before I begin, I’m just going to warn you: you’ve probably read this post before. Not this exact post, but a post very much like it. Or a tweet. Or a status update. Maybe from a musician. Maybe from a graphic artist, or a cartoonist, or another author. I’m pretty sure, though, it won’t be new to you. But I’m writing it, again, as I can’t help but feel it bears repeating.

downloadI got an e-mail today from a reader this morning (well, I got an e-mail notification of a message). It was mostly a gushing “I loved your book!” e-mail about Light.

Yesterday, I sent off my edits on TriadBlood, and this morning got the notification that they were now “in the pipeline.” I was having an odd reaction to that news. I’m not sure how many authors feel that up/down mix when stages of book writing…

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