Astonished by nice reviews


Goodness me, yesterday morning was a total shock, but in a good way – very rare in Writing World, I can tell you! I switched on my computer and realised I’d received not one but two (two!!) nice reviews at Mr. Amazon. One for the first book in my Gathandrian fantasy trilogy, The Gifting, and the other for my Christian novella, The Prayer Seeker.

One set of nice comments would be fabulous, but with two my cup veritably runneth over, thank you to both kind readers. I’m all the more astonished because The Gifting holds what is surely the world record of being the only book my pesky ex-agent sent out to his usual publishers and got absolutely zilch response over the course of a year (how rude these big publishers are – I’d steer clear of them if I were you …); and The Prayer Seeker is loathed and despised (in some very amusingly bitter prose) by all evangelical Christians everywhere for daring to believe that God cares not a hoot about one’s sexuality but is entirely focused on the essential matter of one’s heart.

Nice to know some readers still enjoy my backlist, so thank you for that.

The Vanishing Writer


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