Blog 83: HALF-PRICE Christmas romance!

Put the love back into YOUR Christmas with gay romance A Seasonal Reunion! Plus it’s HALF-PRICE from now until 27 December so don’t miss out!

Danny Brigson makes a serious mistake when he sleeps with Marty, an old boyfriend, at an ill-advised Christmas reunion. He tries to cover it up, but Marty tells all, and the love of Danny’s life, Jake, throws him out.
Over the next year, with the help of his boss at work, Danny tries to sort out his life. He is at last determined to stop relying on drugs and drink to get him through. However, can he even dare to hope that one day Jake might give him the chance to put things right?
“If you have the ability to enjoy a story where one person has done the wrong thing but sets about bettering themselves. And if you can understand why someone might just love a person enough to give them a second chance, then this is a nice Christmas short about the power of love and forgiveness. I think it’s a great little Christmas read.” (From a review at On Top Down Under Reviews)
“This is my top pick of the week. A fantastic story with such sympathetic, flawed characters. I was engrossed right through this short story. Grade: Excellent.” [From a review at the Well Read Bookblog]
“This was done well, and showed a way to redemption that wasn’t overly easy on either of them and actually showed the damage caused. I also liked that Danny’s boss, Robert, was an upstanding man with faith in Danny.” [From a 4-star review at Hearts on Fire Reviews]

Happy reading, and Happy Christmas!

Anne Brooke Books

Gay Reads UK
The Gathandrian Fantasy Trilogy


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