Blog 32: Giving up and moving on

Well, I’ve had more than enough of Publisher No 1’s agonisingly slow responses to gay fantasy The Taming of the Hawk, so I’ve, as promised previously, given up on them entirely, and have just now sent the whole caboodle out to Publisher No 2. I hope their response is more positive, or at the very least speedier! It certainly couldn’t be any slower as surely that’s not humanly possible.

Meanwhile my authorial popularity flags apace, as they say; since I gave up on the other set of publishers and self-published quirky crime novel The Gangster’s Wife this week under my Anne Brooke Books line, only 1 kind person has actually bought it (thank you, whoever you are …). Sigh. Therein lies the answer as to why nobody wants to take on my books, though, as nobody actually wants to read them, oh well …

Nonetheless, proving that, whatever else folks might say about me, I still do faintly believe in the triumph of hope over experience, I am struggling on with comic romance The Old Bags’ Sex Club. Up to about 11,000 words now and writing about the end of Karen’s first affair. All very painful. Hell, she doesn’t have my troubles though – at least she’s a success at what she loves doing, lucky her.

Writerly Confidence Rating: 3


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