Blog 30: The Frustrated Writer

I’m HUGELY frustrated with the whole publishing business right now, I must say. Yet another rejection today for crime comedy, The Gangster’s Wife, so I’ve decided not to bother any more. I’m utterly fed-up and depressed about the whole business. Really, there’s no point as it increasingly feels as if I’m just spitting into the proverbial, and some. So I’ll self-publish it instead and then I can move on and forget it, hurrah. Which will, at least, be something.

In other news, I’ve finally had the courage (go, me!) to gently chase the publisher who still has the exclusive (as if I even merit such a professional term) on gay fantasy The Taming of The Hawk. I’ve advised them that this week I’ll contact other publishers too, as having an exclusive look at anything for 9 months is just ridiculous – though I of course didn’t entirely put it like that … They came back to say they’d be looking at it as soon as possible, which is what they’ve said twice before, so I’m taking it with a large pinch of salt.

However, I’m happy to say – that after a great deal of writerly begging (oh, I’m so classy, you know) – I managed to persuade 20 kind readers (thank you!) to download the free copy of gay fantasy The Executioner’s Cane from Amazon over the weekend. Which is more than double the number of free copies of fantasy Hallsfoot’s Battle which were downloaded the weekend before, hey ho. Progress indeed!

Writerly Confidence Rating: 0.5


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