Blog 27: Half price book sale and Amazon disappointment

From today until 16 Septemberall my Amber Quill Press books are in the half-price book sale so don’t miss out! 

You have a choice of gay thrillers:

Or you could try erotic comic menage (now, there’s a genre to get your teeth into!):

Alternatively, you can go for the quirky romance option:

Or maybe you prefer a touch of the paranormal?

All that and more! What are you waiting for? Happy shopping and even happier reading.

Turning to more ordinary matters, I was disappointed at the weekend that only 9 free copies of fantasy novel, Hallsfoot’s Battle, were downloaded in the Amazon giveaway. Oh the disgrace of it all, eh. I couldn’t even shuffle into double figures. I really do have absolutely no idea how to encourage any readers out there to give my work a try. It’s a mystery. 

My mood isn’t helped either by the continuing lack of any response to any of my novel submissions. I actually do feel as if I might be turning entirely invisible, and nobody can hear my screams. Hey ho. It’s all very exhausting indeed at the moment.

Writerly confidence rating: 4


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