Blog 18: Singing Road success and Nun news

Huzzah and put out the bunting, but I have astonishing news indeed. To my shock and horror, short story collection, The Singing Road and Other Stories, has been downloaded a whole 30 times from Amazon where it’s been free for the last couple of days. It may not sound very many downloads to you, but to me it is an absolutely HUGE number. I never even thought it would get into double figures.

Not only that but I have to say that the second draft of the cover for children’s book The Origami Nun is really very good and I love it. Such a relief and it was worth gathering the small amount of my courage together to bleat pathetically (in the manner of all stalwart writers everywhere, ho ho) about the first offering. I’m also happy to announce that the book even has a publication date – Monday 8 September, so that’s something for me and my 2 loyal readers (God bless you both) to look forward to …

Finally, I have also decided not to continue to put all my foolish hopes into the cruel world of fiction (alas, cruel world, etc etc …). So I have this week started a blog for a series of online articles taking a light-hearted look at being a Stressed Secretary in the modern world. Which is, in essence, what I am. There are only 2 entries up there at the moment, but I have a third in hand. At the very least, I hope it will make you smile.

Writerly confidence rating: 6


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