Blog 15: Poor Rosie and homophobia writ large

Oh well. Comic short story Rosie by Name wasn’t popular as a free download at Amazon over the weekend and I only managed to shift 19 copies. Still, it’s better than nothing, hey ho.

I also woke up to an email today from some stranger asking how I could live with myself writing both Biblical and gay erotic fiction as the two things were obviously mutually exclusive. Deep sigh. Honestly, this kind of nonsensical prejudice makes me feel very tired and, besides, why are complete strangers just so rude? Do they actually expect an answer from someone they’ve never met when their initial contact is just so judgemental? Really, sir, just take that broom out of your arse and get over yourself is what I say … I deleted the email, thinking it’s no good throwing pearls to swine and if someone doesn’t get that homosexuality is a gift from God and not a sin by now, then they’re never going to.

In the meantime, there’s no news on any of the submission fronts, but then again as these days news equal rejection, this is probably a good thing. It’s now been 7 weeks since I resubmitted the revised version of gay fantasy The Taming of The Hawk to the publishers who asked to see it again, and honestly I’m getting hugely irritated with the whole farcical rollercoaster of it all. They promised me a quick response (ho ho, as if, eh …), so I am distinctly unimpressed with that. Harrumph indeed. Give me another couple of weeks and I shall lose patience entirely and take my custom (such as it is) elsewhere, as it were.

Writerly confidence rating: 2


2 thoughts on “Blog 15: Poor Rosie and homophobia writ large

  1. First of all, I wish I had a kindle so I could have downloaded the free copy! You are not only talented; you have been blessed with unique insight into humanity and the definition of what that includes. Not just people dressed up in their pretty clothes attending church every Sunday and talking about how sin is such a crime and then the moment their out of church service they point their judgmental fingers at everybody else who didn’t attend. I applaud you for your bravery in writing about such topics as homosexuality and love the comparison of it as being a “gift from God.”

    I myself am the daughter of a retired preacher. At the age of 18, I just “knew” that love shouldn’t include looking between someone’s legs to see if they qualify as a person you can love with an intimate love. As a result, I have considered myself bisexual ever since. Even with a preference for my own sex, I still offer God the opportunity to allow either type to enter in my life and simply follow my heart’s own beat. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

    Keep on telling the judgmental people where that broomstick should go!

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    • Thank you so much! I totally love what you say about allowing God the opportunity to let people in all their glory and fullness into your life – that’s such an important point and definitely something to remember. Thank you! :))

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