Blog 12: Amazon gloom and the frustrated writer

Hey ho. After all the bunting and jamboree of yesterday’s self-publication of short story collection, The Singing Road and Other Stories, I’m very much back down to earth now, as not a single copy has been sold. Well, that’s not quite true, as one actually has been sold but that’s to me, as I always buy one copy of anything I self-publish in order to get an Amazon rating. Yes, I am that frustrated and sad (welcome to the twilight world of writing, eh), but over the years I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s the only way to sell anything, ho hum.

Which is why Amazon really irritates the hell out of me – though at the same time I love it as it’s such an easy way to get published – it’s just that every so often they send me hugely annoying newsletters focusing on how successful Kindle publishers are. Said newsletters are usually accompanied by Smug Self-Publishers (SSPs for short) smiling and holding a copy of their magnum opus that’s sold six zillion copies in 3 days. Well, not in my neck of the woods they don’t. These days I delete the newsletters, give a muttered curse and move on. Heck, I’m lucky if I manage to shift a couple of books in six months, and that’s only if someone out there is feeling particularly kind.

Mind you, I have been truly astonished this morning with the shock news that the Gathandrian Trilogy has sold some copies in the UK – huge hugs galore to whoever has bought them, and I’m still reeling from the astonishment, I can tell you! So, in trilogy order, that’s one copy of The Gifting, 3 copies of Hallsfoot’s Battle, and 2 copies of The Executioner’s Cane. Well gosh. Having absolutely zilch confidence whatsoever, I’m waiting for the returns to be marked up or the poor reviews. One or the other anyway.

Meanwhile, in terms of free books on offer, a massive 46 copies of The Apple Picker’s Daughter were downloaded yesterday (thank you!) and this month’s total of free downloads of The Prayer Seeker is 347. Gosh indeedy.

Writerly Confidence Rating: 3


2 thoughts on “Blog 12: Amazon gloom and the frustrated writer

  1. Hi Anne! My name is LaVancia and I’m glad I read this blog. I’m writing my first book (and probably the only book) – an autobiography of my life and having the mental illness, schizophrenia. My sister, a doctor, bought a supported self publishing package for me and the company told me about this website. I just want you to know I can imagine the balloon of hope bursting on the second day of sales when you haven’t sold anything. I for one, am going to do my best not to inflate my ego…for I have intense emotions and these feelings might be overwhelming if I allowed my expectations to be too high.

    But have hope…I’m sure you will have sold several copies by the this time next month. You appear to be quite an excellent writer. Will follow you through your writing journey and in return I offer you the opportunity to follow me on my writing journey…we can do this!


    • Many thanks, LaVancia – your book sounds very important indeed. Very well done to you. It’s vital to hear from sufferers of mental illness as it gives everyone a vital view of what it’s really like. Compared to you, my writing is sadly very trivial indeed. All power to you!


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