Blog 8: Today’s rejection and the patronising publisher

Hey ho, the second rejection for quirky crime novella, The Gangster’s Wife, is now in my inbox. So only 4 more refusals to go before I self-publish the pesky beast and it disappears without trace in the vast Kindleverse. Sigh. Such is the sad and mainly unread life of the vanishing writer. Still, at least this rejection is less smug than most I receive so kudos to the small press publisher for that. However, it lost a huge number of points for including the teeth-grittingly cliched and standardised paragraph saying that of course they would be happy to consider other work I might wish to send them in the usual way.

Waste of Time Alert! Publishers: please for heaven’s sake don’t patronise writers and include a standard paragraph saying such nonsense. We are perfectly well able to understand that if one work is rejected, we can quite easily send another at a later date. Um we do have brains and working email systems, you know. Now, if there’s a genuine non-standardised paragraph saying something along the lines of liking the writing style/plot/colour of font, then that’s vaguely acceptable (as we are actually able to work out if our style/plot/colour of font suits you on our own initiative, don’t you know …) but it’s still a nuisance, and I personally discount such irritants. So, publishers: if you’re going to reject, just ruddy well reject. Don’t simper. All you need say is: no thanks, not for us. Anything beyond that is patronising smugness and we don’t warm to it.

On a more positive note, I now have the first round of edits back from another publisher for children’s novel, The Origami Nun, so will be working on that next. It’s supposed to be out sometime in September, but it’s a mystery as to exactly when and I’ve given up worrying about it. One assumes that’s September this year, but it’s hard to say, as my contacts there are a tad communication-lite. We’ll see, eh.

In the meantime, there’s another 5-star review for Christian novella, The Prayer Seeker, on Amazon (hurrah!), and it’s now been downloaded 257 times in August, so that’s 23 copies today. Gosh.

Writerly confidence rating: oh, about 4, I suppose.


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