Blog 7: some cutting reviews (ouch!)

Funny how often I receive bad Amazon reviews when I’m sick. Is it a Writing Law I missed when I started this soul-destroying vocation? Or perhaps it’s just that I’m still under the weather so this sort of thing hurts more. Oh well.

Anyway, the reader who loved gay thriller Maloney’s Law now hates gay comic romance The Hit List, so I suppose you can’t win ’em all. On the plus side, he think it’s well-written but overlong and cannot recommend it. Pause for Brave Author Smile (rapidly supported by a swift gin and tonic if I felt well enough and it wasn’t 9 o’clock in the morning).

Still, at least his negative review wasn’t as savage as the 2-star review of gay-themed fantasy The Gifting, where the Furious Reader talks about the book’s pointlessness and suggests I should really learn some basic tools of writing before I pick up my pen again. Ouch indeed!

Just before I reached for the cyanide pills or the Samaritans Helpline however, some lovely reviewer weighed in on behalf of Christian novella The Prayer Seeker, giving it 5 stars and calling it “an interesting read and great for anyone searching for a way to pray.” Phew. Perhaps I do know which way up to hold my pen after all. Speaking of which, The Prayer Seeker has now made it to the dizzy heights of 234 free downloads this month, well gosh.

Still, maybe Amazon should  come with a health warning for writers, though at least it’s not as terrifying as the bitchy environment of Goodreads. Lord preserve us from that awful place!…



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