Blog 6: a good review


Ah, the crazy rollercoaster ride of the writing life. After the disappointment of this morning’s rejection (see Blog 5) comes the joy of a 5-star Amazon review for gay thriller Maloney’s Law, an extract of which is below:

“This is a powerful, propulsive thriller that grabs you, on page one, and never lets you go. It’s so well-written, the characters, the action, the settings, the emotions, that I was mesmerized by the sheer talent and skill of Ms. Brooke. It is such a pleasure to read gay-themed literature that’s professionally edited, written as well as any best-seller, and deals with the gay issues as a sort of sidebar – it’s not the plot, it’s just what is. I shall read as much of Ms. Brooke’s writing as I can get my hands on. I strongly recommend that you do the same.”

Gosh, that’s put a smile on my Old Hag face.

Writerly Confidence Rating: 10+ (hey, it won’t last so don’t panic …)


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