Blog 5: first rejection

Oh dear. The first rejection for The Gangster’s Wife is in, deep sigh. Apparently, they liked the way the plot was organised (what does that even mean??!) but it’s too niche for them. By that, I think they mean the heroine is too old in her early fifties, as obviously only young gals read books or have lives worth writing about. Once we women are over the big 5-0, we become utterly invisible, naturally. And even worse if we’re writers who are, of course, the Lowest of the Low. As a newly-minted 50-year-old myself and indeed a writer (albeit a vanishing one), I can vouch for this. Mind you, I’ve essentially been invisible since reaching the age of 35, so have become used to it. On the plus side, being invisible does save you a lot of money on make-up and new clothes, hey ho.

So my submission spreadsheet for TGW now has its first black mark against it. I usually put something incredibly rude in the comments section about any rejection as it eases that awful punch-in-the-gut feeling that never (no matter what the pesky writing advice tells you) goes away, but frankly, not being in the best of health at the moment, I can’t be bothered. If I were brave enough, I would email all my wonderfully imaginative secret rude comments back to the Smug Rejecting Publishers (SRPs for short), but I’m not known for my courage.

Still, though I can’t shift a book one has to pay for, free novel The Prayer Seeker has now been downloaded 151 times this month, so I can apparently give things away.

Writer Confidence Rating: 2



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