Blog Four: the joy of not writing

Have been ill since the weekend so haven’t written anything since Saturday. Being ill is a pretty nasty business, naturally, but I have to admit it’s quite refreshing feeling I have a valid reason not to write anything, and to take – if temporarily – a step back from the self-imposed demands of trying to be a writer, hey ho.

Because – at heart – I’m a great believer that you don’t actually have to write everyday, as all those irritating How To manuals and famous authors keep on (and on) telling us. If I ruled the world, I’d happily fine anyone who came out with this so-called ‘advice’ and imprison those who committed the offence more than three times. Well, I like to think I’m not unreasonable, after all. Really, people, just throw the ruddy rule-book away and write what you like when you like. Other writers should just mind their own damn business and keep their noses out of yours.

That’s my advice anyway. If I say it more than three times, I will probably fine myself. If I had the energy, but I’ve not been well, you know …

In other news, gay-themed fantasy The Executioner’s Cane was downloaded for free 35 times over the weekend, which for me is an absolutely enormous number of hits. 35 times! Fame indeed! Still, I imagine it will nestle unnoticed on people’s Kindles for a while before being deleted and sent into Kindle Purgatory, but hey at least it’s had a bit of an airing. Interestingly, one copy of the first in the trilogy, The Gifting, and one copy of the second book, Hallsfoot’s Battle, was sold too, so there’s a faint possibility the trilogy might get read at some point. Which gives me something of a warm glow – though that also might be the fever I have, one must admit.

And The Prayer Seeker has so far been downloaded for free 113 times this month, which only goes to show that the amount of intense and secretly homophobic reviews given to it by the Evangelical right-wing can’t be doing it much harm. God moves in mysterious ways indeed.

Number of publisher responses to submissions: Zero.

Writerly Confidence Levels: 6 (i.e. too ill to care much about the above)


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