Blog Three: social media hell

Despite feeling rather low about the writing life (then again, these days, when do I ever actually feel happy about it?…), I managed another 1000 words to The Old Bags’ Sex Club this morning. The four friends are still in the bar, and the discussion about the sex club hasn’t yet begun but, I promise you, I’m leading up to it. Call it literary foreplay if you like, hey ho.

Gay-themed fantasy The Executioner’s Cane (Gathandria *3) is free at Amazon this weekend, and so far six kind people have downloaded it. Sometimes on a give-away at Amazon, I do get into double figures, so fingers crossed.

On the other hand, The Prayer Seeker is always free (and much hated by US evangelical Christians for daring to have a bisexual Christian hero who doesn’t believe being gay is anti-Christian …) and so far this month, it’s been downloaded 37 times. Which in my calculations means another 3 poor reviews and maybe 1 good one. Do you think it’s just a book they love to hate?…

Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter continue to be hugely depressing in terms of the amount of good news from writers on there – I’m sure a minute doesn’t go by without someone getting a super-hot publishing deal or being the next international bestseller. It’s all very wearisome. Honestly, social media should come with a warning: this website could seriously damage your emotional health. Sometimes one just has to switch off to try to maintain any self-esteem whatsoever.


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